Al Shifa Medical Massage Center

• The first truly Traditional Ayurvedic Herbal Center in UAE.
• Ayurveda, Traditional Kalari treatments and Yoga in its true essence.
• Innovative and time tested remedies for Low Back Pain, Cervical Problems, Arthritis of all kinds, Diabetes, Hypertension, Lifestyle Diseases, Obesity, Mental Tension, Anxiety, Depression, Kidney Stones, Gas Trouble, Acidity, Allergies, Body Pains, Sexual Problems, Premature Ejaculation, and Menstrual Disorders.
• Traditional Herbal Bandages for Fractures, Dislocations and Sprains.
• Positive Health Packages for the Beauty and Health Conscious.

• Special rates for Massages, Leaf Poultice / Herbal Powder / Rice Poultice Applications, Panchakarma Treatments, Dhara, Thalam, Netratarpanam, Karnapooranam etc.
• Lady Therapist for ladies.
• Qualified and Experienced Staff.